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Should we work together? 

Who You Are

If you are a small- to medium-sized business, a creator with an online presence (or trying to build one), an influencer, a marketing professional, or anyone else managing or creating content


You’re interested in making your content more inclusive, accessible, and ethical, or you want to build a sustainable marketing strategy that is, I’d love to chat!

What I Do 

While I’m happy to work outside of the box depending on your needs, here are some of the services I can provide:

  • Content Strategy

    Create content strategies based on your goals, resources, and audiences

  • Develop content briefs for your writers

  • Offer guidance on using generative AI (like ChatGPT) to supplement your content creation 

  • Perspective

    Provide insight into your current content–what’s working, what isn’t, who you’re apparently targeting (and excluding)

  • Give feedback and direction on how to make your website and your content more accessible, inclusive, and equitable

  • Direction

    Supply SEO consulting and long-term strategies 

  •  Create and share templates and resources for fulfillment and tracking

If I can’t help you, I probably know someone who can, so reach out even if you’re not sure my services are right. 

If you’re a writer, please also take a look at my editorial services and see if we align.

What I Don't Do

At this time, I do not offer fulfillment services for SEO work or content writing. I provide you with the tools and outlines so you and/or your marketing team can do the work on your terms. However, if you are interested in having someone else take on fulfillment, I am happy to connect you with folks who do offer those services. 

How I Do It

My background is diverse: I have a BA and MA in English with an emphasis in rhetoric and composition. I have taught first-year writing and upper-division creative nonfiction, worked as a writing tutor and graduate assistant in a writing center, and acted as an academic advisor for incoming college students. In my decade-plus of content creation and marketing roles, I gained experience in search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. I’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses, managed teams of writers, implemented best practices, and much more.

I am passionate about web accessibility, and my work aims to not just address ADA compliance, but keep in mind the many access needs that aren’t required by law. I believe that centering equity and inclusivity in web design and content creation isn’t just good for business–it’s an ethical imperative. I’m interested in working with businesses and individuals dedicated to social good, who want to do the right thing not for optics, but because they care about their customers (current, potential, and future), their communities (online and off), and the planet. 

Let's Talk Money

I aim to be fair and flexible in setting rates for each project I work on. Having said that, paying a consultant or strategist means accounting for their years of learning and experience, the resources they have developed, and their beautiful brain doing the work. As such, it’s important to remember that you’re not just paying for a deliverable when you engage with services. I’ll work with you to find a satisfactory fee based on my anticipated workload for the project and your desired deliverable. 

My rates are typically project-based, but if you’d prefer to pay hourly, my rates are $150-$200 per hour. 

Equity pricing: BIPOC, trans, and disabled creators and business owners pay less.